My name is Abby Weeden and I am a junk store hopping, coffee shop junkie, Tennessee Native. It all began when my grandpa gave me a Polaroid camera for Christmas when I was about eight years old that I decided I liked taking photos. My little sister became my first model and our blankets and throws were my backdrops. After a short hiatus when my Polaroid was infinitely out of film, I picked up my Mom’s Canon Rebel at fourteen years old. From then on, I have taught myself the ways of the camera and how to document all that I see.

I cannot describe to you the joy photography brings to me and all that this hobby turned lifestyle has brought to my life. I will be oh so pleased if you were to choose me to document this time in your life. It is my desire to accurately and beautifully represent you and your story to the best of my ability. I strive to create incredible portraits that you want to hang on your wall and look at every single day. I want to provide the photos your family will look upon for generations. I want to freeze this moment in your life, forever!

Things I love:
Flea Markets
Fujifilm Instax
Dogs of all varieties
Cats (but only the nice ones)
G2 .5 Black Ink Pens
Checking the mail
Rainy weather
My Peace Lily and all it’s house plant friends
Cerebral Drama movies (Think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)